All the difference which a casual suit can make.

All the difference which a casual suit can make.
September 17, 2017

The purpose of dressing in a suit is not just to look good for the people around you or to showoff how expensive a suit man can afford. The most crucial purpose of a suit is to cover a man’s body in the most stylish yet comfortable manner. If a suit is not comfortable enough that you can sit in it or move around or stretch your limbs, then you have wasted your money in buying such a suit.

While travelling men do desire to wear nice suits but have to compromise on certain aspects of comfort. Now this is where the chino suits comes into play. Every man should have at least three suits in his closet. A dark navy or black tweed suit for winters, a nice linen fabric based suit for springs and summer and a light weight chino suit for casual as well as business meetings.

A chino suit basically is made as a two piece suit, where the jacket resembles a blazer and the trousers are shaped like chinos. The best thing about chino suit is that they give maximum comfort to people in hot and humid environments plus they are not easily crushed unlike the linen fabric.

There are variety of colors which can be used to easily blend two different chino suits and make them appear stunningly dapper. So, you shouldn’t be waiting to invest in making a bespoke chino suit for yourself. Some best combinations of wearing chino suits are the following: - blue with light mustard (khaki), white with black chinos, maroon blazer with blue chinos. This type of look calls for people’s attention. Not only you would look dapper but would experience comfort parallel to none.

The jacket and trousers of a chino suit can also be worn individually and coupled with trendy shirts and ties. Most important thing a customer should pay attention to is that chino suits shouldn’t be made baggy, they only look stunning if they have been stitched perfectly to the size of the client. So, if you are a fashion savvy guy and wish to rock the world in style then chino suits are a perfect sporty requirements for you.

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