Bespoke Blazers, not too tight not too loose

Bespoke Blazers, not too tight not too loose
April 21, 2017

These days many high end stores and fashion designer have started a new trend, where they are making exceptionally tight and body hugging blazers for men. There are many things which one should keep in mind before ordering a bespoke blazer and I shall be writing a few of them down here so that you are able to judge for yourself which look suits you better!

Suits, jackets and blazers are all about nice and comfortable fabrics which drape your body in a minimalistic sticky way. Its fine to wear body hugging sweaters, denims, T shirts and even shirts (which are composed of some percentage of lycra) but it was never a good idea to have a suit that just appears too tight, snug and gives you no comfort in any posture imaginable.

With passing time the trends in every fashion industry keep on changing and will keep on changing, since what is modern right now will become old in few days and may no longer remain in vogue. Suits, however do not fit in this criteria. When a man is investing in an expensive, bespoke suit, he is investing for at least 3-4 years and no one would want to throw away an expensive, fine suit every other season. So, before ordering a suit or visiting tailor houses, one should know what they desire from their suits or blazers?

Fitting is the most crucial thing in today’s time when everyone desire to look in shape and stand out in the crowd but no as much that you become a laughing stalk. There have been instances where men have worn such tight blazer that with slight movement the stitching came apart and they were left with torn pieces of fabrics.

Another bad thing with wearing smaller and tighter blazer is that it makes you uncomfortable and your appearance I compromised. If you are wearing a shorter blazer, your sleeves will pull up and from the behind, your torso would look smaller in contrast to your legs and you would appear to be disproportionate. Now, coming to overall appearance of the blazer. Make sure that the shoulder measurements are not out of proportions. It should not be coming over the chest neither falling off the arm. The shoulders of any jacket are the most important part and they should fit exactly where they are supposed to be. Otherwise the ill-fitting shoulder would make you appear as if you have borrowed a suit or are wearing a used one when you have spent so much money on it.

Moving a little bit down comes the waist. Make sure that the waist of the blazer is not too tight that you can’t even button it up and if button up at all, the buttons fire off like a cannon ball. It would be so embarrassing if your buttons fired like a projectile and hit someone on the face while all you were trying to do was buttoning them up. The waist should fit nice and clean and you should be able to move about (slight left and right) in it without the blazer turning with you (a standard practice is to keep three fingers between the shirt and the closed blazer at the buttons) and should give you that proper V-Shape rather than making you look like a triangle.

Next comes the sleeves. Sleeves of the blazer should always be lesser in length than a full sleeve shirt. A golden rule is that the blazer or jacket sleeve length should be half an inch shorter in length than the shirt sleeve and the shirt’s cuff should be visible from the blazer’s sleeve all the time.

Lastly, the length of the blazer should not be too long or too short, as I have told earlier. Just make sure that you are able to cuff (hold) the sides of the blazer with your fist while keep your arms straight and parallel to each other sideways. By keeping these few things in mind you should be able to get a nice blazer made for yourself which you can flaunt at various casual or formal events.


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