Carrying a suit while travelling

Carrying a suit while travelling
September 15, 2017

How disheartening it is to discover that your newly made bespoke suit, on which you have spent good amount of money is crushed and wrinkled! When you are travelling from one place to another and have to carry your suits with you, it becomes quite cumbersome to save them from the spoiling of journeys. Nearly all men face this problem and it certainly is not a good thing, if you are travelling out of city or overseas for important business meetings. A man should always make a sharp and intelligent presence in business meet ups and family or friends union. To go in dressed shabbily with wrinkled and crushed suit would not make you successful in any ventures. On the contrary if you are looking dapper in a nicely ironed suit, you are sure to become the center of attraction. The first thing which can make you have nice and wrinkle free suits is your choice in picking the fabric for your suit before it gets tailored. Always go for fabrics which are wrinkle free and do not get crushed easily. If the foundation is strong then the building too would be strong and last longer. Same is with suiting. If the fabric is of excellent quality then you will not face 90# percent of the problems which people do tend to face otherwise. The second factor is quality stitching, not too tight nor very loose but the right size. Another important factor which contributes in making your suit retain its shape and life is its maintenance. You should never wash your suits in soapy water or washing machines but instead should dry clean them, at least twice in six months. Lastly, it becomes very important that you should have and use proper means for carrying your suits, wherever you go. So, for doing this, you do not need some state of the art, special care but should use proper folding and packing techniques. First of all keep your suit in a suit bag or casing which comes with every bespoke suit and then fold that suit from within the center. That is all you need to do to carry a suit in perfect shape while travelling long distances. Additionally, a suit should not be cramped among other luggage but should always be carried in a suit case. You can also carry a mini iron to iron your suit before wearing it or you can ask the hotel staff to iron your clothing, including your suit and most of the hotels do a good job in doing laundry and ironing. We at JJS, have a commitment to our customers that we would always use a high quality fabric so that our customers do not have to go through the problem of straightening or ironing their suit when they should rather be concentrating on their important works. We will do best on our part and the rest you need to care for maintaining your suits and giving them a long life.

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