Five essential accessories which can make you a gentleman

Five essential accessories which can make you a gentleman
March 02, 2017

Gentlemen, what makes a man a nice confident gentleman is how he dresses up and carries himself in public and private spaces. Here are five, over the top staples which will make any man stand out in any situation. With these ten items, you will always be able to create a stylish outfit for any situation by mixing, matching and will make you stand out as the best dressed man in the room.

  1. The White Fitted dress shirt. By mentioning fitted, I am in fact stressing on the word fit and this word is the main substance of this entire information. You always need at least one or two fine, crisp and clean white shirts which are tailored to your body. You might boast that you have such a shirt because the label on the collar reads so but you need to make sure that the shirt fits you perfectly. By perfectly, I mean that it should not be too tight that your buttons are about to pop out when you move around or sit on a chair or sofa. The shirt should fit your body and you should be able to move in that shirt very comfortably. It is therefore, recommended that you should buy fabrics which have some percentage of lycra, so that it is stretchable.
  2. The second thing in the list is a charcoal grey suit. A grey suit with a darker appearance is a perfect option for you to make you look good on any occasion. This is the suit which could be worn on any occasion from a wedding to a funeral and everything that comes in between. This suit should also have a nice clean look and should be made from a high quality fabric. You can wear it with or without a tie. You can even break apart the suit and wear it in different styles and combinations depending upon the occasion, like wearing the coat or jacket with a pair of jeans and shirt or wearing trousers, shirt and tie etc.
  3. The next big thing in the list are a pair of matching black dress shoes. You can opt for having monk straps, loafers or the perfect oxfords. These shoes should fit comfortably and should be clean. You can always polish them and make them look very glossy but if you are wearing these with a pair of jeans then try to keep them a bit matt so that they blend very well with the denims. As far as suits are concerned, they should be very well polished or cleaned and you should try to wear a waist belt that matches with these shoes.
  4. A pocket square. By just having a nice pocket square which matches the shirt and contrasts the jacket is always an eye catching accessory. Wearing a nice pocket square might feel unnecessary or unimportant but it completes the overall appearance of the suit and gives that sharp look to a man’s personality which makes him stand out in the crowd.
  5. Last but not the least are sunglasses. Sunglasses now a days are as essential as any other daily use objects. They not only are necessary for protecting the eyes from ultra violet radiations emitted by the sun but keep the eyes cool and protect them from dust etc. So, a man must have a pair of at least one good sunglasses in his accessories. When you go out in the open sun wearing your best suit, just pair them up with sunglasses preferably aviators or wayfarers and you will surely make an impact on the crowd.

Lastly, the most important thing that every man needs to become a gentleman is confidence. You can never make an impression or win a deal if you lack confidence and exhibit that with your poor postures and body language. So, while you pay attention to all that is out and visible be confident from within to complete your personality.

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