Four ways to look stylish in full suit, anywhere.

Four ways to look stylish in full suit, anywhere.
April 21, 2017

A suit is one of the most important investment that a man can make for his wardrobe and even if you do not wear a suit on regular basis, it is very important to own a nicely made bespoke suit which you can wear when the need falls. There is a lot of confusion among people that a suit is only meant to be worn on formal occasions and upon that it could only be worn on a shirt with a tie.

But today I am going to write down four different ways in which a suit could be worn to enrich your personality. The first way is the classic shirt and tie way and it is the most common way of wearing a suit. In this way of dressing you can wear your jacket and trousers with a plain nice formal shirt and a beautiful sati textured tie. Make sure that the shirt does not have wide collars and tiny buttons on the side. Many a time, men make this most basic mistake of wearing shirts with collar buttons with full suit and a tie. This is not a casual or formal way of wearing a shirt with a suit. The collars of the shirt must always be clean without any embroidery or fancy buttons.

To enhance your look in this very outfit which is considered to be the most formal dressing in the world of fashion and suiting you can add a contrasting cardigan which is quite bland in color. For example a navy blue suit worn with a black satin tie, a crisp clean white collared shirt and a light grey snug cardigan.

A second look that can be pulled off with this suit is a little semi-formal look. You can wear a casual shirt with a nice looking jumper (sweater) and that would give you a complete manly look. Most of the people who wear this kind of attire are in the faculty of schools, colleges and universities but you can stand out by simply wearing this combination of clothes.

The third look is the most simple among all, where you can simply wear your suit and wear a semi-formal checkered or pin stripe shirt. You can also wear plain solid shirts under the jacket and this would give you a semi-formal look which is very suitable for work place and also hanging out with your friends.

The fourth way of dressing up in a suit is the most casual way of dressing. You ca simply go for a crew neck t-shirt or a Henley t-shirt underneath your suit jacket and pair it with similar looking chinos or denims. A very good idea would be to wear white sneakers underneath. This way you look younger, brighter and full of life, your energy is channelized through your suit.

So, choose any style that suits your personality or you can wear all the different styles everyday with same or different suits and surely, you would make a lasting impression on the people around you.

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