How to look dapper even in rainy weather

How to look dapper even in rainy weather
July 17, 2017

Many parts of the world are experiencing the yearly seasonal heavy rains and any hope of wearing your best shoes, or trousers etc. seems out of the question. But before you resign yourself look like a hobo, just read this article. There are so many options which will save you from becoming a plastic bag.
If you have the following articles of clothing and use the tips below, you should be covered (figuratively too) for the monsoons.
1. A nice pair of rain boots. They’re called Wellingtons in some parts of the world. You can get them in lots of different colours but even the plain black ones look charming. These can protect the hems of your expensive trousers from the muck and keep your feet dry which will help in maintaining a casual air of equestrian class.
2. A similarly fabulous rain coat. Raincoats are usually bulky and unsophisticated, but this time, try and buy yourself a less bulky one; one that resembles a trench coat. It makes all the difference. Again, go nuts with the colours and prints, you can really make a statement.
3. Raised hems on your trousers. Not only is this look completely in right now, it also comes in very handy when you find yourself wading through endless oceans of mud. The standard Indian street, in other words.
4. A smart umbrella. Avoid the floral variety that are easily available on the streets and wait till you find the perfect black umbrella. There is something strangely sexy about a man dressed to the T, proudly carrying an umbrella through the rain. It’s not just in the highly stylized images you see on the glossy pages, promise.
5. A classic felt fedora. The key word here is felt. This material can withstand the rain but be warned, it might stain when left to self-dry. Nevertheless, rejoice in the knowledge that you can look your stylish best even on the rainiest day.
6. The genius heel tape feature on trousers. Heel tape is basically a webbing reinforcement on the rear at the ankles so it won’t fray or rip, something that happens when we’re trudging around on uneven, wet, muddy roads.
These little points will make a big difference in the rainy weather and would allow you to celebrate your stylish personality even when the sun is shadowed by the clouds.

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