Linen suits for spring and summer, look cool and stay comfortable.

Linen suits for spring and summer, look cool and stay comfortable.
April 21, 2017

The essentials that you need for spring and super is topped by linen fabrics. Linen is a very good natural fabrics which is known for centuries for its coolness and hydro-absorbent property. So, for summers it is a must to have a linen suit in your wardrobe. You might already be having a good navy suit, a charcoal grey or any other and may be a linen suit is not your favorite and you may not have not worn it all your life but this summer gives you a chance to re-discover about your personality and liking and give linen a try. For those of you who already have linen suits, I can bet that you wish to own more and flaunt them among your peers everywhere.


Now let’s talk about some practical aspects of why to wear a linen suit?

Well, the summers all around the world are getting hotter with each passing year and it is so difficult to wear woolen, cotton or synthetic fabrics is blazing hot summer. Those suits will not only make you sweat like a beast but would also make you feel humid, oily (greasy) and can cause severe rashes. So, the best idea for hot summer days is to wear cool and light natural fabrics which will keep you cool and would allow the air to pass rather than restricting it.


Linen suits give you an advantage in summers so that you can wear full suits to your work place and be comfortable in them, this is not possible with maximum suiting fabrics. Even if you invest on buying a fabric which contains 50-40% linen, you will feel way lighter and comfortable than in any other type of suiting. Another advantage is that if you sweat too much, you need not worry about the smell and patches of sweat. Linen dries up extremely quickly giving you resistance towards the foul smell producing bacteria and wet patches.


Now, when to wear linen suits?

You can wear them all day long on all events and even without a reason. As for professional engagements, you can wear to a wedding, polo matches, derby etc. Anywhere and anytime when you have to endure heat for more than an hour, linen is the best option for you.


How to buy the best linen suit?

Well, the best option would be to visit our store and take a good look at the fabrics that we are offering. There is just one con to this fabric that being light and natural, it will wrinkle very quickly. Do not worry, it won’t look as if you are shabbily dressed or as if you have not ironed your suit in a hundred years. Those wrinkles are just the creases which form due to the bending of legs and arms at elbows and knees. They are very natural in appearance and nearly everybody knows that linen fabrics will wrinkle with body movement.


Another sound piece of information to consider before ordering linen suit is that the linen fabric will expand a little bit and that is very natural. So make sure that you ask your tailor about the type of linen in use and how much will it expand so that you can slim down few inches or centimeters to make that suit fit perfectly to you. Also, if you cannot afford to see wrinkles on your suit then it is suggested to buy a linen blend. These blends come with 40 to 60% like 60% cotton plus 40% linen, cashmere with linen or polyester-linen blends and will have minimum wrinkles. Not matter what you choose just remember that a linen suit is a must for summers and once you have owned it you would ask for more. So, do not think too much, just visit our store to get the best deal on bespoke tailoring of linen suits.

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