Seascapes and patterns, our focus this season.

Seascapes and patterns, our focus this season.
July 17, 2017

Before this summer fades into our memory, it is time to enjoy it to the fullest but also to get ready for the next winds of change, as a new fashion season arrives and brings with it, a mixed bag of surprising fashion trends. Autumn would soon is rolling in, with a wave of exciting style ideas and while it is important to know them, it is equally important to know whether these trends will suit you or how you can make them work for you.Being really trendy is all about imagining new ideas on the go and getting them custom made to suit you, and the best place to begin is to go to the experts who are high on style sensibilities.
Check out the new trends for the coming season
Blue, glorious blue!
It is one more year of blue being the hip and happening colour of the season. Celebrities and super stars sported more blue suits and tuxedos than any other colour early this year, and the trend continues. Choose luxurious navy, soft aqua and sea blue, and you would be on the right track for winter. But with our unique Indian colouring, it is important to choose a shade of blue that will enhance your personality. For instance, a light aquamarine suit, might appear to be too overpowering overdeep olive skin tones, but if you have an outgoing personality, it might be just the shade that transforms you. On the other hand, shades of royal navy will suit most men instantly. Get the help of a stylist before going in for lighter sea inspired colours, but when it comes to choosing darker shades in this hue, you can relax because it is impossible to go wrong with dark blue.
Mix it all up!
Remember the old style rule of sticking to one pattern and one colour right through your ensemble. This is old news now as the styles of autumn allow for mixing and matching patterns and colours. Trend experts say that it is possible to wear all patterns together, from checks, to plaids to geometric patterns by teaming them with neutral colours. Is this a good idea for you? It could be, but it is not easy to implement. A bunch of weird florals and strange abstracts clumped carelessly together in one ensemble may not work, unless you do so very carefully. Tread cautiously with this new trend.
Tender is the night!
Dark colours have always ruled the roost and this coming season, it is the best style idea too. Pick up some rich dark pieces for the season, either in jet black, deep, dark brown or sober grey. The darker the colour, the more polished you will look. You may wear these colors for both, work and leisure and you will be trendy, as dark shades are poised to rule the fashion world till the end of the year.
Get playful too!
Surprisingly - despite the fact that dark colours are an important style statement this year, designers have not lost their playful mood yet. Candy colours in vibrant shades of powder blue, baby pink and clear lilac are still around, so if you still want to punctuate the uncertain climate of the next season with a burst of optimism, buy some clothes in bright and happy colours. This means that you would be buying brighter shirts with colourful chinos or patterned and coloured suits, but remember not to wear all the colours at once. For example, team up a bright suit with a crisp white shirt to make the right style statement.
Bring in the shine!
Metallics comes to the fore again this year, it is always good to add a bit of shine into your clothes as the festive season draws nearer, is a good idea. Try suits or blazers in metallic navy, shiny purple, shimmering silver, cool bronze or even in brilliant black to look like the showstopper in a fashion show. Just tone it down by teaming them with quiet and understated neutrals so that you don’t inadvertently look like a walking rainbow.
Last word…
A final word of advice would be to remember not to just wear anything which is too trendy unless you are sure that you can mix and match your clothes well.

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