The Simple, yet Elegant Formal Shirt

The Simple, yet Elegant Formal Shirt
April 15, 2017

One of the most essential items of any man's wardrobe is a formal shirt. There are millions of peoples around the world whose jobs requires them to be suited every day. Then, it becomes very essential to know the difference a decent beautiful formal shirt and a casual shirt. The first thing that anyone notices about the shirt is its collar. Most of the formal shirts around the world are made with point collar style. Other than that a formal shirt can have spread collars. These collars are also known as the Windsor collars and they spread very easily giving a neat look to the shirt, especially if you have to wear a tie. It is a strict no-no to wear these formal shirts with pinned or buttoned down collars.
After the collar comes the sleeves and cuffs of the shirt. The cuff of the shirt should be made very straight and shouldn't be ironed to create a sleeve along the seam of the shirt's sleeve. The fitting of the shirt is the most important factor in determining the personality of the wearer. If you are lean and thin then you should go for a slim fitting formal shirt. If you are a slow mover or a little bit chubby then make sure the shirt is loose enough giving you the comfort to move all around in that shirt.
The hems of the formal shirt should always be round or square. There should no pocket in front of the shirt. Having a pen holding pocket on a formal shirt makes it look totally down market and shabby. You may roll up your sleeves if the weather is too hot or button them up with permanently stitched buttons or cufflinks.
Do not choose a very thick fabric for making a bespoke formal shirt. Now you can wear such shirts to college, public gatherings, office meetings, etc.

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