The Waist-Coat Saga

The Waist-Coat Saga
April 30, 2017

We humans have the tendency to look at various things around ourselves and make inquires consciously or sub-consciously about our environment. So many times we see people dressed in waist coats, suits or just a pair of trousers and a shirt but never pay attention to its details and how this clothing has evolved over time.
If we look closely at a waistcoat then we can see that it’s a well thought and made cross between a coat and a shirt. What I mean by this is, that it is less formal that a suit jacket but more formal than a simple shirt and therefore gives a flexibility to the wearer of looking well-dressed even without a full suit. If you are living in hot and humid tropical climate then a waist coat fills the place of a formal jacket. What makes a waist coat stand out is its fabric and fitting. A good snugly waist coat is essential to enhance ones physical definition. You should also keep in mind that a waist coat cannot be worn with one or two or all buttons unbuttoned.
Therefore, a waist coat becomes a more formal instrument in public gatherings, parties or meetings than any other suit accessory. To start off you need to pick the best color which you like and which goes with your skin tone. Do not hesitate to even pic colors which are contrastingly dark like dark brown, navy blue, deep blue, maroon etc. as they all look good when properly worn.
On the contrary do not choose bright and flashy colors like neon green, orange, yellow, magenta etc. as that might make your entire appearance gaudy. The best way to wear a waist coat is with a combination of light colored shirts. One of the best combinations that can be worn by any gentleman is a light turquoise satin weave dress shirt with charcoal grey waist coat and similar colored trousers. This combination would make even the hunch back of Notradame look as good as brad Pitt. Waist coats could also be worn with a pair of rugged denims in a very casual way.
Generally, people would go for a waist coat design which calls for a deeper neck, a wide back or chest and tight fitting over the waist. Usually the back side of the waist coat is made from satin cloth while the front is cotton or various types of cotton and polyester blends.
So I think this would be more than enough as a saga of the waist coat and whenever you need a cross between a formal and casual clothing then do choose a waist coat, not only it would make you look good but also give you the freedom of movement which sometime is restricted in full suiting.

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