Two and a half jackets for everyday fashion and use.

Two and a half jackets for everyday fashion and use.
April 21, 2017

Have you ever seen a two and a half jacket? Basically it’s a three button jacket, which is designed to be worn like a two button jacket. The jacket is designed like a three button jacket but its lapels are not designed like a three button jacket where the inner curves of the lapels are a little extended so that it could be worn like a two button jacket. This jacket usually appears to be long and suits people with broad shoulders and tall height.

Why we needed a two and a half jacket? Well, there is an old rule that the bottom most button of any jacket should not be buttoned up. This is because if the bottom most button is buttoned up, it makes the jacket appear quite tight from below and does not drapes around the waist very well. If you are trying to walk fast with all buttons buttoned up or need to sit hurriedly, the last button would create a problem for you. You won’t be able to walk briskly and if you try to sit with the last button buttoned up, you will either pop it out or look and feel very uncomfortable, as it creates too many side creases on the front of the suit jacket.

To solve this problem two and a half jacket came into being. As the bottom most button in this jacket is stitched quite above the waist line and therefore the suit never gets in the way while walking and sitting and does not feel tight at all.

A two and a half jacket could be worn formally and casually. In fact, after a blazer two and a half jacket is the only type of jacket which goes both with formal and casual clothing. One can choose to have a little broader lapels around the chest area to make them stand out prominently. This way the jacket looks well defined and sharp. Many a times, clients choose to have decorative lapels made for this type of jacket. A classic example of this jacket would be dark charcoal jacket with pure black glossy satin lapels or having a sparkle type of fabric on the lapels. This type of look totally transforms this jacket into a nice club wear clothing. To add to the beauty of this jacket one can always add a pocket square of contrasting color.

Usually this kind of jacket looks awesome in light glossy poly blend fabrics. A nice example would be a maroon floral print jacket worn on black trousers and black shirt or another good combination can be dark blue satin print jacket worn on black trousers, black waist coat and white or maroon shirt. These jackets should be worn with open collar buttons casually and with a Windsor knot tie and a waist coat. You can choose various types of fabrics for having this jacket made (according to your needs and desires) and can make everyone drool over your stylish personality.

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